One Man

Jesus why did you cross the sea
and only one man set free?
From the chaos in his life,
and the rags of his mind,
from the fragments of family,
and the shackles of time?

You saw that man
with eternity’s care,
You took his rags
and claimed them as yours,
and clothed him instead
with a mind that was clear

Jesus, you crossed eternity,
You spoke peace to a man,
peace to the world,
you silenced with your word…
and gathered fragments
and rags…
to replace what was…
for eternity’s chair.


I spent 4 months meditating on Luke 8:22-39 in the early months of 2015. Four months of thinking about what it was like for that man, for the observers, and for the family in the story.  One man whose mind was filled with so much chaos created by demons past and present. A man rejected and separated from family, friendship, society… from love.  Then Jesus came.

About Mary Herbert

I am a gentle listener, a woman of few words. My journey through life has been a spiritual one, as well as a physical one. My daughter, Katie, and I thought it would be interesting to combine some of our giftings/talents in a blog and see what happens. Let us know what you think!

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