Esmee’s Dance

Maybe it happens every day
A child who is three
dances so free
and I just don’t see….

She danced all alone
in the mist with the breeze.
The music it moved her,
moved her like leaves
As she danced with the fire flies
in the light of the moon.

We all saw her
as we danced to the tune.
We saw her so free
and we wept as we moved.
We saw where she was…
and wished we were there.

She danced in the mist

and the music,

in the moonlight…

with the fireflies…

and I saw her.

The moon was full during the wedding reception/dance for my youngest son and his bride.  There was a mist that hovered close to the ground as the evening stars came out.  I watched children chase fireflies in the lawn.  It was an amazing sight.  So many spectacular things wrapped up in one evening.  At one point I looked out on the dance floor and my three year old granddaughter was there dancing by herself.  The light hit her as though there was a spotlight and she was oblivious to the people around her.  She wasn’t performing, she was dancing  inside the music- so I watched.

(September 2015)

About Mary Herbert

I am a gentle listener, a woman of few words. My journey through life has been a spiritual one, as well as a physical one. My daughter, Katie, and I thought it would be interesting to combine some of our giftings/talents in a blog and see what happens. Let us know what you think!

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